Killington WC Parade - Final Information




From the event organizers -


Greetings from northern Vermont!  

The ski season arrives this week at a number of resorts around the Green Mountain State.  Stowe opens this Friday and Killington has been open for about a week.  The newsreel footage of Killington's current snowmaking on the World Cup Trail is absolutely STUNNING!  In a nutshell, Killington is building a MOUNTAIN of snow on their mountain.  


The upcoming FIS World Cup is going to be amazing and it's great to hear that you and your athletes will be joining us for the Opening Ceremony Parade on Sunday, November 26th!


Some interesting questions have arrived this past week that I would like to address in the following FAQ:


1) How much will it cost to watch the World Cup?

It's FREE!   You and your athletes are welcome to hike up along the side of the race trail, to your best vantage point and enjoy the racing action, free of charge.  While there is VIP / pay-to-watch options, the event is free to enjoy from a variety of areas, right on the race hill.


While the event is free to watch, bring extra cash for snacks and Vendor Village!


2) Where do we go?

Unless you are renting a large (40+ person) bus, you will need to plan to park at one of two places, where shuttles will be bringing guests to the base of the World Cup venue.  Parking will be at:  


a) The Pico Ski Resort, located on Route 4

The address is:

73 Alpine Dr, Mendon, VT 05751


 b) The SKYESHIP Gondola Base, located on Route 4.  

The address is:  

Killington Skyeship Base Lodge

5751 US-4, Killington, VT 05751


Please be sure to allow plenty of time to board the shuttle busses that will bring you up to the resort. Shuttles are scheduled to begin operations at 6:45 AM.  


Use Google Maps to locate each parking area identified above.


3) Which parking lot should I use?

That is entirely up to you!  

If you're driving to Killington from the West, PICO is your closest lot.

If you're coming from the East, plan to park at SKYESHIP.

Just remember which lot you parked in and board the correct shuttle bus at the end of the day, to return to your vehicle.


Earlier is better...


4) Can't I just park at Killington?


The only way to park right at the venue is if you RENT A BUS.  If you do so, I can issue a special VIP parking pass that will allow you to drive right up to the venue.  Your VIP bus parking is about 200 yards from the entrance / security for the World Cup Village.  To date, no one has been in touch to inform me that they are bringing their athletes in a 40 + person bus, so if you are planning to do so:  CONTACT ME ASAP, so that I can get your parking pass into the mail in time to reach you before the event!  

To be clear:  Vans are not considered a bus.  

Any cars, vans, motorcycles and rickshaws all have to park at either PICO or SKYESHIP &  take a shuttle.


"Teaming up" with another club or state to rent a bus?  Not a bad idea!


5) What happens when I get off the shuttle at the base of the World Cup venue?

Prepare to be amazed!  The venue is amazing.  You will get off the bus, gather your crew together and go through SECURITY.   This is essentially the same gig as any airport.  You will be screened / pass through a metal detector / patted down.  

Accordingly, do not plan to bring a HUGE PACK loaded with items.  

Your entry into the venue will slow to a crawl.   Pack light, but dress warmly, in layers.  


Identify a back-up meeting place and time for your athletes and chaperones.  

Example:     Let's all meet in front of the Killington Ski Club right after the parade at 9:15 AM...


6) OK, I am at the venue, but where do I go?

Signs will direct you to the PARADE LINE UP area.  

We ask that you arrive by 7:45 AM so that you will have plenty of time to get lined up, by region, for the parade which will begin promptly at 8:45 AM.    PLEASE SEE ATTACHED MAP that describes where you will go once you arrive on site.  (Apologies for the poor quality artwork....)


Once you get to the PARADE LINE UP AREA (aka THE BULLPEN), there will be signs identifying where each state or region should plan to gather.  As you will see on the attached map, the BULLPEN is in front of the Killington Ski Club.

You will walk past the Vendor Village and Main Stage to get there.

ON THE MAP:   GREEN 'x' mark the path you will take to the "Bullpen".  Blue 'stars' mark the actual Parade Route.


Print out the attached map and bring with you!


Some reminders:


1) PLEASE send in your region's BIO.  - COMPLETED BY PARA ALREADY

The BIO forms were sent out weeks ago, so fill in what info you can and send asap to me at:   

Thanks in advance. (PS:  Both PA Announcers, Doug Lewis and Peter Graves are really stoked with the information some of you have sent in and they are ramping up to promote YOU!!!)


2) Dress in layers and for the weather.  Wear warm / rugged boots.  We are on the 2nd highest mountain in Vermont!


3) Wear your team / club uniform.  The more "alike" your group looks, the better!  


4) Bring noise makers!   Cowbells, drums, etc.  


5)  BANNERS promoting your club / region / state.  FLAGS:  You've received the link for really inexpensive USA Flags.  Time is running out if you haven't ordered yet.  Large Flags?  Bring 'em... this is a WORLD CUP!!!


6) SHARPIES!  Bring some sharpies for athlete autographs.


Keep in mind.... this is a FUN event that will provide memories of a lifetime for your athletes.  

Make it a great experience by being enthusiastic, on time and filled with positive energy!



November 16, 2017