Open Letter to the PARA Community about Volunteering at Race Events

Dear PARA Racing Community,

Another racing season has begun! Along with our standard challenges of having enough snow at our
venues and modified schedules, we need to ensure that each and every race is contested to the highest
standards possible.
To do that it takes a lot of work. Many hours of preparation, registration, hill preparation and everything
else that goes into holding an event, must be done by many people. Parents, volunteers, coaching staff,
mountain operations and such, make these events possible.
I would like to take a moment to remind everyone, these events, no matter what age group, no matter
whether it’s a fun race, a qualifier, a PA Cup race, a state or regional championship or an FIS World Cup
event, it takes an enormous amount of support from VOLUNTEERS.
VOLUNTEERS may be parents, coaches or even athletes. But it takes a little work from VOLUNTEERS to
make these events run smoothly.

VOLUNTEERS show up at the event venue in the early hours of the morning to get things under way. B-
net must be set up, timing, crowd control and the race course has to be in place before athletes even

get on the hill. During the event itself, course maintenance, gate keeping, recording of the times on the
scoreboard, running jackets for your athletes who are becoming popsicles waiting for the start of their
run, are just a few of the many jobs that are done mostly by VOLUNTEERS.
Sometimes the conditions that we ask those VOLUNTEERS to work in become an extremely harsh
environment. Rain, sleet, snow, blizzard and white out conditions, high winds and even the sunny days,
you name it and you will probably get the chance to experience it. No matter the conditions may be, we
still need VOLUNTEERS.
I am writing this to challenge everyone, COACHES, ATHLETES and RACER PARENTS, to VOLUNTEER your
services at each and every ski race that you attend this season. Sign up for gate keeper, time of day,
course maintenance, bib collector or any other positions that are required to make these events
happen. On a two day weekend, if you are from a visiting travel team, sign up as a VOLUNTEER on
Saturday so that you could start your travel home on time Sunday.
Please don’t forget that after the last athlete has gone down the race course, the gates, B-netting and
crowd control fencing still needs to be rolled and taken down the hill. COACHES, ATHLETES and PARENTS
from each and every participating club should be involved in event tear down. Awards don’t usually take
place until all of the paperwork is done, so there is plenty of time to lend a helping hand.
Again, a little effort from many makes these events happen. Please step up and VOLUNTEER so we may
continue to have quality events and have the best venues for our athletes to compete at.
Thank You,
Curt Schramm, U19 Age Chair

January 26, 2019