Special Offer for PARA Members

Hello PARA Ski Club parents and athletes!

As we move into the Fall, you may be wondering about Dryland and other training opportunities for the next three months as we prep for a season on snow! These next 12 weeks provides a golden opportunity for athletes to make some big gains, both physically and mentally. 

With this in mind, we have partnered with ELITEAM and Olympian Doug Lewis. Doug is a 2x Olympian and World Championship medalist who has been inspiring and educating athletes for the past 30 years. We share his philosophy of developing “complete athletes” and believe we can work together to provide some valuable training opportunities for our U12-U16 athletes in the months ahead.

ELITEAM has created the Dig Deep Academy which offers an exciting blend of online resources for junior athletes, including educational courses, workouts, and even a free community “Clubhouse” with a distinctly positive vibe.

ELITEAM’s High Performance Gym provides well-designed weekly training plans for athletes U12-U16, along with a healthy dose of fun and inspiration.

ELITEAM’s Academic Center offers online courses for U14 & U16 athletes in Sports Physiology, Psychology, and Nutrition. These courses are legit and provide an incredible learning opportunity for our athletes. Plus, these educational pieces are fueled by personal testimonies and experiences from US Ski Team athletes and Olympians. Very inspiring!


ALL PARA SKI CLUB athletes will have an exclusive 30% OFF discount code for the Dig Deep Academy. The discount code is PARA30 and will be valid from September 1st - 16th!!! Don’t miss out on this great and affordable program to take your junior racer’s fitness to a whole new level. For the cost of buying Lunch at the Lodge, you can get 20 age appropriate workouts designed for junior athletes each month - along with videos, a built-in training journal and access to US Ski Team athletes!

Below is a video featuring Doug and his wife Kelley explaining the Dig Deep Academy in further detail, along with links to learn more. 

With some hard work and a team approach, we can hit our first days on snow as stronger, faster, smarter athletes. We encourage all of you to take part. Let’s Dig Deep this summer!




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From Doug,

“I am so excited to be working with PARA and all the excellent coaches and motivated athletes. I grew up on a small hill in Vermont and through a commitment to my Dream and lots of hard work on and off the slopes, I was able to make it to two Olympics! I can’t wait to see the Community posts and Training Journals from all the PARA athletes about working hard, pushing limits and having fun! Let’s make a commitment to becoming tougher, stronger, fitter faster this Fall so we return to snow next December ready to rip!”



September 3, 2021