Course Setting Matrix Clarification

It has come to my attention that in this year’s Course Setting Matrix, there is clarification regarding maximum vertical drop by age group. Although not new, this requirement did not explicitly appear in the previous Competition Guide.  

Specifically, Course Setting Matrix states that “These specifications only apply to course setting; they do not apply to the maximum vertical drop. Unless an athlete is competing with a “Ski Up Agreement,” they are not permitted to compete in events where the vertical drop exceeds the allowance for their chronological age group. Example: GS field consists of U16, U14, U12, and U10 athletes, U12 course setting specification will apply, but the maximum vertical drop of 200 m for U10 athletes must be respected. “(page, 152, USSS ACG-2022) 

TDs, when making contact with the ROC before race day, please remind of this requirement of adjusting the “Start” and/or “Finish- line” to accommodate the maximum vertical drop for the youngest age group competing in the event. The maximum vertical drop-by-event type for an age group is listed in the Course Setting Matrix. 

Let me know if you need further clarification or have questions (570-640-7500).  

Thank you for your dedication to Alpine Ski officiating,  Let it Snow 


January 1, 2022