PARA Racers Train with the World's Best

A large contingent of PARA athletes headed to Okemo Mountain for a few days of speed training with World Cup racers. 

Shout out to Matt "Super" Superczynski for creating the idea, handling all the logistics and arrangements, and for putting together this excellent experience.

On the latest "American Downhiller Podcast", Marco Sullivan gives us all a nice shoutout on our AD and PARA "partnership"!

There is about a 10 min discussion about training younger athletes in speed that starts somewhere around the 20min mark.  Marco's shoutout is specifically around 29min and he again briefly mentions the camp around 41min answering the question of what was the most exciting thing you did in the last two weeks.

Take a listen to this podcast on your way to your next race or training event!! 


American Downhiller Podcast - World Champs with Jonna Mendes


Thanks to Matt Super and all the PARA coaches making the journey for this very special event.

February 10, 2023