PARA Speed Camp at Okemo

The PDF below has the lists of U16 and U14 athletes that qualify for the one-week priority registration period for each camp that opens at 6PM on Saturday December 2, 2023.

The athletes that qualify for Priority Registration for each camp has been expanded to the top ten (10) U16 and U14 athletes in each birth year and gender based on their prior year U16 Cup or Derby results.

U18s, U21s, and all other U16s & U14s can register for the camps during the general registration which will open at 6PM on Saturday December 9th.

Okemo has confirmed that athlete lift tickets will be complimentary.  Okemo also offered discounted lift tickets for parents last year, but that has not yet been confirmed for this year.  

- Camp 1 is open to U16s, plus U18s & U21s, and will be held January 20-22, 2024 with two scored SG races on the 23rd. (183cm min & 30m min radius skis required.)  

- Camp 2 is open to U14s and will be held January 23-25, 2024 (17m radius skis required but SG-specific skis not required.)

- General registration for both camps will open at 6PM on Saturday December 9th.

- A one-week priority registration period for U16 & U14s who ranked in the top 10 of their gender and birth year the prior season will open at 6PM on Saturday December 2, 2023

- Each camp is limited to the first 80 PARA athletes. 

- The list of U16 and U14 athletes eligible for priority registration will be published shortly.

- U16 and U14 athletes who did not qualify for priority registration based on their prior season results can appeal to the Speed Committee for inclusion in the priority registration period.  (The Committee can approve up to 8 additional athletes for the (1 per gender per region) for inclusion in the priority registration.)  Any such requests must be submitted to the Speed Committee no later than 11:59 PM Saturday November 25, 2023 via [email protected]

- PARA Clubs with athletes attending are expected to send coaches to help staff the event along with the World Cup Coaches.  PARA will not provide additional funding to support club coaches helping staff the event.

- Former Olympian and USST member Marco Sullivan has again committed to staff the camp and is busy recruiting other former USST members to help coach both camps.





November 21, 2023