B-Netting matching grant applications to the Kelly Brush Foundation

Hello Directors - please let your clubs know that the deadline for submitting B-Netting matching grant applications to the Kelly Brush Foundation is Friday, June 24, 2024.


More information can be found here: 


For those that have never applied to KBF before, it's pretty easy to put a winning application together, and I can provide examples of winning applications to help you get started. 

PARA also provides matching grants up to $2k, so a club can get 4x their money ($2k from the club, plus $2k from PARA, and then ask KBF to match the $4k = $8K).  

As part of the PARA budget discussion, I will be proposing that PARA revise our matching grant program to have an application deadline of Friday 5/24/24, and followed by a 2nd round application deadline of September 30th.

With those proposed changes, clubs would email Executive Committee by the 5/24/24 deadline and specify the following: 

1) Total dollar value the of netting or safety equipment to be purchased at KBF pricing; 

2) Amount of funds to be provided by the club; 

3) Match requested from PARA; and 

4) Amount the club intends to request from KBF (i.e. double the two amounts above);

PARA grants awards in Round 1 would be conditional on the club being awarded a KBF grant.  

For Round 2: clubs that do not apply to KBF would be required to fill out the PARA grant application.  

Please share this information with your clubs so they can be prepared for the revised process pending the discussion Saturday.  Your clubs are welcome to email or call me if they have any questions. 

Thanks, Kurt 

[email protected]

May 11, 2024