(B-Netting Matching Grants Program)

The PARA Ski Racing Safety Initiative provides matching grants up to $2,000 to member clubs in good standing to support the club’s purchase of B-Nets and other ski racing safety equipment.

Clubs interested in applying for PARA funds are strongly encouraged to first submit a matching grant application to the Kelly Brush Foundation to further leverage the club’s funds.

Applications for PARA funding are automatically approved if the club is awarded a KBF Grant (provided the club is in good standing with PARA). Specifically, $2,000 in funding from the Club matched by PARA, can become $8,000 if matched by KFB Ski Racing Safety grant award. ($2,000 from the club + $2,000 from PARA can be matched by another $4,000 from KBF). 

When applying to KBF, the club should state in their application that PARA has agreed to match the club’s funds (up to the $2,000 maximum from PARA). No PARA application is necessary if the club is awarded a KBF grant. The KBF application deadline is usually in June
each year, and information about the program can be found here:

PARA Funds are only paid to the vendor suppling the B-Nets to the club (e.g. World Cup Supply or Reliable Racing, etc.). PARA does not provide the funds directly to the applicant club or reimburse a club for equipment already purchased. PARA matching grants can be used for
the purchase of complete B-net systems or replacement parts.

Clubs awarded KBF grants shall provide the Netting Chair with the KFB award letter and an invoice from the vendor after the equipment order is placed and the club has paid their portion of the funds to the vendor. Clubs should request “KBF pricing” when requesting price
quotes for B-netting from vendors.

Alternatively, a club can apply for a PARA Matching Grant without applying for a KBF grant. To be eligible clubs must demonstrate they that have a place to store the nets in the off-season that protects the nets from UV exposure and meet the other selection criteria. (Club resources
spent on building or purchasing a netting storage structure would be considered as part of the club’s funding which could be matched by  PARA.) PARA matching grants are awarded on a rolling first-come first-served basis until funds are depleted each year (unless a KBF grant is
awarded, and then the PARA award is automatic). If you are not applying to KBF, click here for the PARA Matching Grant Criteria and Application Form.

For more information, please contact Kurt Zwally, PARA Safety Grant Chair
([email protected]).