Attention Race Administrator or Timing and Calculation Official

Hello PARA Community.

We are now into Racing Season, which means that I need your help to collect the actual race files from your races. For those who have already sent the actual race files "Thank You".  

To be clear, what I need from the Race Administrator or Timing and Calculation Official of your race is the actual data file used to run and publish the race. For example if you are using Vola Timing Software, the file extension for that type date-file will be "spro". This is the file from which I may review the entire race if required. I you are using Timing software "Split Second" the file extension is "xml" 

Please note that I know longer request that you send me race result packets, however, I must retain the source data "Timing" race files for both archival and Alpine Official proposes.

IF you could forward this email to the person responsible for "Data Administration" I would greatly appreciate it.

All The Best, 


January 23, 2018