Requirement to re synchronize all electronic systems (A and B).

Hello PARA Community       February 1, 2018
Recently, there has been some misconception regarding the requirement to re synchronize all electronic systems (A and B). 
The rule 611.2.1 - Electronic Timing, ACR Page 92. requires re-synchronization of the electronic systems if the start of the run occurs 60 minutes after the original synchronization of theelectronic systems.
Please note that the clocks used for hand-timing are not part of this rule, though most T&C officials do synchronize them to correspond to the same time as the electronic systems.. 
This rule is not new; and has been a requirement for some time. I believe that it has come to the forefront because of the new requirement that all sanctioned US Ski and Snowboard races now require a TDTR and a closer scrutiny by US Ski and Snowboard to review these reports for accuracy and validity.
The requirement to re-synchronize the electronic systems can occur when there are multi-gender races occurring on the same date and course, which is a common practice in PARA. 
Specially, if the women’s first-run exceeds 60 minutes from the original synchronization of the electronic systems, then before the start of the first run of the men’s race, the electronic systems must be re-synchronized. 
For those T&C officials who choose to synchronize /re-synchronize their hand-timing clocks to correspond to the electronic systems; there have been several suggestions/"work-arounds" from our PARA timing community on how to effectively handle re-synchronization of the hand-timing clocks. 
I will ask those T&C officials who would like to share their solutions to send them to me and I will pass them along. 
Thanks for your dedication to alpine ski racing,

February 2, 2018